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When you die,
how do you want to
reach that destination?
Will you arrive there
having served your purpose,
for some kind of awesome cause?
Will you go down in history with shining
honor and glory?
Or will you end it,
halfway through your story?
Will you spend your time,
serving and dying for your country?
Or frowned upon while you're dead,
because you created chaos for it instead?
The way I want to die
is by doing something worthwhile.
And that little something
is serving as Jesus Christ's child.
Another poem that I had been working on this past week. This one is about what you would accomplish with your life until death. I promised a friend that I would upload it by noon EST, but since I'm already awake, what the heck. So here you go, and like always, have a wonderful day.
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August 15, 2012
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